Explore the BubbleGum world, collect bubbles to build the missing blocks, get a fan. (:

WASD - move
Mouse - camera rotation

If the game someone likes, then I will add new mechanics and levels.


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Very cute! I'd love to see it expanded. A better camera, or at least better controls for it, would be nice, though. 

Thank you. Can you advise me anything with control in the game?


I really like the concept of your game, but moving around using WASD and SPACE as well as the mouse for the camera feels a little awkward. I keep falling into spikes!

I really like your graphics, well done! :)

Thank you, I found a solution with the camera, but maybe you will also advise something with control in the game.

Maybe some ghosting on the jump? I failed a lot on the last jump of the first level...

I really like the art style. There's something very pleasing about it.

Good idea, I'm try to fix jump using ghosting.